Joel Greenspan (1952-2021)

Dr. Greenspan, PhD, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, was a leader in the field of translational pain research, focusing on the orofacial region, and widely regarded as a pioneer in exploring sex and gender differences in pain and analgesia. He served as a center principal investigator of a 14-year, multi-center, prospective study of predictive biomarkers for temporomandibular disorder pain funded by the National Institutes of Health. He also co-organized a national workshop that culminated in a highly cited consensus report on the state of the science and which served as a guide for future research in this field.

Michael Shipley (1941-2020)

  • Distinguished Neuroscientist, Longtime Chair of Anatomy and Neurobiology (1994-2019), and Founding Director of the Program in Neuroscience.

Dr. Shipley joined the UMSOM faculty as Chair in 1994. He was one of the world’s leading experts on the neural organization of the olfactory bulb.   

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