The Association of Medical School Neuroscience Department Chairpersons (AMSNDC) is an organization dedicated to promoting neuroscience as a scientific discipline, and to represent the interests of departments within medical school settings whose major focus resides in research and training in the neural sciences.

AMSNDC Mission & Objectives

  • Establish a cooperative and inclusive organization that is committed to diverse and equitable practices for the leaders of basic science departments in Schools of Medicine  relevant to improving successful leadership across member departments.
  • Implement regular communications (i.e. national meetings, web/internet mechanisms), utilized by the Chairs of participating departments as well as guests of the Association, in order to discuss and disseminate local and national policies, practices and activities relevant to the membership.

  • Advocate the recognition of neuroscience-based departments as distinct entities within medical school organizational structures and for the provision of support and resources for their missions.

  • Foster recognition of Neuroscience as a distinct academic unit within medical school organizational structures, including their identity in the analysis of national activities and trends.

  • Promote and coordinate data collection, analysis, and exchange of relevant information between the AMSNDC, medical schools, and national organizations (e.g. NIH, NSF, NASM, AAMC, AMA, NCBBSC, CAS, private foundations and industry), and directly represent the membership in such  organizations where appropriate.

  • Provide a platform for the membership  to identify and share emerging trends, policies and best  practices relevant to improving successful leadership across member departments.

Association of Medical School Neuroscience Department Chairs
AMSNDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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