AMSNDC 2021 Annual Meeting


11:00 ET          Welcome and introductions

                          Lucia Notterpek, PhD, President AMSNDC
                             University of Nevada, Reno                        
                         Lynne Opperman, PhD, President AACBNC
                             Texas A&M College of Dentistry, TX

11:10 ET          Departmental Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Part I
Moderator: Lynne Opperman
           Budgets / Teaching / Postdoc Training
                             Visa Restrictions / Grad Students

            Panel:   Kamran Khodakhah, PhD
                                         Albert Einstein COM, NY

                                       Paul Micevych, PhD
                                         University of California, LA
                                       Christi Walter, PhD
                                          UT Health, San Antonio, TX

12:10 ET          Health Impacts of COVID and Research

                         Joshua A Gordon, MD, PhD
                         Director - National Institute of Mental Health

12:50 ET          Break

1:00 ET           NIH COVID-19 Extramural Survey Report
                         Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD, Deputy Director
                         Office of the Director, NINDS

1:30 ET            Departmental Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Part II
                         Moderator: Lucia Notterpek
                              *Annual Faculty Evaluations      
                              *Productivity in Research / Grants
                              *Faculty Recruitment

Panel:  Wendy Macklin, PhD
                                          University of Colorado, CO
                                       Cheryl Dreyfus, PhD
                                          UNDNJ, NJ
                                       Sue Menko, PhD
                                          Thomas Jefferson Univ, PA

2:00 ET           COVID-19 and Medical Education: A National
                      Perspective on Events and Selected Impacts

                         Alison J. Whelan, MD
                         Chief Medical Education Officer

2:50 ET            New Chair Introductions

3:00 ET            Breakouts:
                         Room 1 - Brain Initiative 2.0
John Ngai, PhD., Director
                             NIH BRAIN Initiative

                         Room 2 - Updates on Virtual Teaching of Gross

                             Jennifer Brueckner Collins, PhD, University of
                                 University of Louisville, KY

                             Matthew Kesterke, PhD
                                 Texas A&M College of Dentistry, TX

3:45 ET             Closing Remarks / Discussion
                          Virtual Happy Hour


11:00 ET         Welcome and introductions
Lucia Notterpek, President AMSNDC
                        Lynne Opperman, President AACBN

11:10 ET         Breaking the Silence in Uncertain Times:
                      Addressing Racism in Medical Education

                         David Acosta, MD
                         Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


12:00 ET          Panel 3 - Moderated Q&A
                         Moderator:   Lucia Notterpek
                            *NIH funding for diversity initiatives

                            *Faculty recruitment for diversity

                            *How to talk about race, gender and
                                 unconscious bias

                         Panel:   Bill Guido, PhD
                                           University of Louisville, KY

                                        Gonzalo Torres, PhD
                                           CUNY, NY
                                        Lynne Opperman, PhD
                                            Texas A&M College of Dentistry, TX

12:50 ET          New Chair Introductions

1:00 ET             Navigating the treacherous waters of
                       disruptive approaches to faculty hiring
                       and shared governance at a R1 doctoral

                          Philip H Kass
                          Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
                          University of California, Davis

1:50 ET            Panel 4: Q&A
                         Moderator:   Lynne Oppererman
                            *Legal issues in recruiting for diversity

                            *Issues related to diversity/role model

                            *Growing your own diverse faculty
                            *Do's and Don'ts

                        Panel:   Sandra Inouye, PhD
                                         Midwestern University, IL

                                      Sunny Nakae, PhD
                                         California University Sci & Med
                                      Philip Kass, PhD
                                         University Calfornia, Davis                                        Tim Ebner, MD, PhD
                                         University of Minnesota, MN

2:40 ET           Room 1 - AMSNDC Business Meeting
                        Room 2 - AACBNC Business Meeting

3:40 ET            Closing Remarks / Discussion
                         Virtual Happy Hour

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